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TGLC achieves remarkable results at IPA Ink Optimization RoundUP 2010

Press Release (PDF - 80k)

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Benefits related to color management


Color management includes all the equipments and procedures from the graphic production chain, in order to optimize the communication, usage and reproduction of the colors to all the realization steps of the work.

This process allows assuring the optimal, faithful and repetitive color reproduction of documents (files). Color management allows to preview (on screen), simulate (on printer) and reproduce (on printing press, etc.) colors, in a manner to establish the bases of an effective communication between the participants linked to the project (customers, supplier, employees).

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The impact of our solutions on our customers

In the past, our competitors promised many things to their clientele. Unfortunately the development of their softwares did not take into account peculiarities of the in printing production environment, nor the way contracts exchange of files are managed between the printer and his customer … Our solutions in color management are the result of actual demands and comments, and from best practices in the graphic arts in the applied prepress production and printed reproduction.

Our customers confirm that our intervention had numerous beneficial impacts in and on their company:


Increase of the
net profit ( EBITDA)

From the first year of our setting-up, our customers recorded a growth of their net profit thanks to:

Decline of the direct costs of production from 30% to 50%

  • Economy on ink

  • Economy of paper

  • Elimination of tests run

  • Decrease of the make ready time on equipments

Less time needed to realize the customer’s jobs

Shorter delivery time to the customers

Increase incomes

The use of TGLC’s color management solutions generate a growth of income:

  • Get more hours of production to realize more contracts in a same quarter

  • Get new value-added contracts for harder to please customer more sensitive to quality and specific corporate colors

  • Get new contracts by offering an on screen proof approval anywhere in the world (Color Management Certified's services)

  • Increase productivity

Greater quality
and better motivation
of the employees

  • Better colors, better black and greys (colors densities, press gain and grey balance)

  • Stability of colors and a guarantee of their faithful and identical reproduction in any reprint

  • Increase of the feeling of membership and the pride of the employees on the quality of their work and on the recognition of their importance in the company by giving them a technical training in color management


Producing with color management

Analyses made by our customers demonstrated that in a job, 45% of the cost is directly related to color management:

      • 30% of the cost is attributable to bad colors
      • 10% attributable to the adaptations of graphs and images in colors
      • 5% attributable to the wastes of time of employees and the production management to react to problems directly connected colors